Border Wars
Dates5255 - 5260
LocationBerra Minor, East Africa, Australia,Falkair Station, Neutral Zone
ResultRevisions made to the Treaty of Vomnis. Neutral zone redefined.
Advenan HierarchyEsmeraldan Empire
Commanders and Leaders


and others
Emperor Tull X (Jeff Tull)

Admiral Brad Yacobian
Rear-Admiral Luanne Brasca
Rear-Admiral Ganos Lal
Commander Edmund Marchetti
Commander Orlando Okpoho Tay al-Ard

and others
Casualties and Losses
Military dead:

Over 2,000,000
Civilian dead:
Not Applicable
Total dead:

Over 2,000,000
Military dead:

Over 10,000
Civilian dead:
Over 200,000
Total dead:

Over 210,000
BattlesJudgement Day Three Week Border War

Narvy Two Week Border War
Vincy Two Week Border War
Tan Five Week Border War
Jidaimono Four Week Border War
Chaeronea Six Month Border War
Nigeb 48 Hour Border War
Rehteg Eight Week Border War
Nedeed Two Day Border War
Edujactia Five Day Border War

Nonnel Eight Week Border War

The Border Wars were a series of armed military conflicts that took place between the Esmeraldan Empire and the Advenan Hierarchy along their shared border (also known as the neutral zone) between 5255 and 5260.

Background Edit

In 5255, the Advenans once again became hostile toward the Esmeraldan Empire. The Advenans attacked and destroyed a small Berran outpost colony on the edge of the border. An Advenan ambassador claimed that the current treaty had not been broken by their side as the Berran outpost had been inside their interpretation of the neutral zone. This began a series of small border skirmishes that would become known as “the border wars”. A dozen of these conflicts would occur over the next five years, some conflicts would last for months at a time while others only for mere hours.

Conclusion Edit

Many victories during the conflict are achieved by a relatively unknown young officer named Commander Edmund Marchetti of the HMS Daria. The HMS Daria, considered to be an outdated an under equipped airship, leads to a record number of battle victories and enemy kills during this time.

Also during the border wars, a mysterious figure appeared as a mythical Procyon centurion calling himself the Tay al-Ard. With an amazing ability of singular trans-dimensional jumping, he could appear almost anywhere at one. Tay al-Ard’s contributions lead to many imperial victories in the border wars.

In 5259, the Bolide project launches “The Missile”, a small one man craft, piloted by Commander Orlando Okpoho. With the assistance of Tay al-Ard and The Missile, the Royal Navy is able to defeat the Advenans handily in the final three border wars. The results of the border wars helped to establish where imperial and Advenan claims along the neutral zone truly lied. A new Treaty of Vomnis was signed with the Advenans following the border wars that clearly defined where the new border now fell and the consequences of breaking the terms of the new treaty.

Major Battles and Events Edit

  • 5255: Advena attack on Berran Minor Territory. Colony obliterated.
  • 5255: The Border Wars Breakout with Advena
  • 5255: 'Judgement Day Three Week Border War'. Advenan Victory.
  • 5255: Tay al-Ard makes first appearance
  • 5255: 'Narvy Two Week Border War'. Advenan Victory.
  • 5256: Emperor Tull X (Jeff Tull) crowned by Royal Court
  • 5256: 'Vincy Two Week Border War'. Imperial Victory.
  • 5256: 'Tan Five Week Border War'. Imperial Victory.
  • 5256: Larkstonia officially abandoned. Larkstonia loses representation in Senate.
  • 5257: 'Jidaimono Four Week Border War'. Imperial Victory.
  • 5257: 'Chaeronea Six Month Border war'. Advenan Victory.
  • 5258: 'Nigeb 48 Hour Border War'. Imperial Victory.
  • 5258: 'Rehteg Eight Week Border War'. Advenan Victory.
  • 5259: The Missile (Orlando Okpoho) launched
  • 5259: 'Nedeed Two Day Border War'. Imperial Victory.
  • 5259: 'Edujactia Five Day Border War'. Imperial Victory.
  • 5259: 'Nonnel Eight Week Border War'. Stalemate.
  • 5260: Treaty of Vomnis renegotiated. Neutral Zone redefined.
  • 5260: The Border Wars End