Esmeraldan-Anhangabaun War
Dates4951 - 4971
LocationNorth America, South America
ResultEsmeraldan Victory.
Creation of the Reino del Sur.
Kingdom of EsmeraldaAnhangabaun Free State
Commanders and Leaders
King Tull VIII (Maxwell Tull)

Vice Admiral Guillaume Bayeux

and others
President Nydan

General Chelli-Litang

and others
Casualties and Losses
Military dead:

Over 250,000
Civilian dead:
Over 15,000
Total dead:

Over 265,000
Military dead:

Over 400,000
Civilian dead:
Over 80,000
Total dead:

Over 480,000
BattlesBattle of Tora

Battle of Brindzan

Battle of Arrus

The Esmeraldan-Anhangabaun War was a war waged by the Kingdom of Esmeralda against Anhangabaun Free State from 4951 - 4971.

Background Edit

Eighty years after the Stradan conflict, the Esmeraldan Kingdom opts to colonize the south to avoid further conflict with Strada. The two new colonies are Seko City and Brindzan. Shortly after the new colonies are constructed, contact is made with a smaller empire made up of meta-humans hailing from the city known as Anhangabaú. A relative peaceful relationship based on trade and cultural exchange is enjoyed by both sides for nearly two centuries. In 4910, the two former allies have their first armed conflict at Anhangabaú’s colony of Tora over a trade dispute. The relationship quickly cools and a “cold war” arms race begins between the two sides. In 4951, war breaks out between the two sides. Anhangabaú has a major victory in 4956 by seizing control of the Brindzan colony.

Conclusion Edit

War continued for another 15 years based on a system of “engage and retreat” with neither side scoring major victories. Esmeralda is never able to retake Brindzan throughout the course of war despite numerous attempts. Rear-admiral Guillaume Bayeux leads an attack the Anhangabaú base of Arrus in 4971. It becomes known as the Battle of Arrus and ends the prolonged war in one tactical sweep. The government of Anhangabaú surrendered following the battle. The Anhangabaú Free State was absorbed into Esmeraldan territory and the new empire was divided into the Esmeraldan and Anhagabaun duchies. Anhangabaú was granted nine noble houses of their choosing and a Grand Duke appointed by the new Emperor Tull VIII. This victory provides a thirst for power in the Esmeraldan royal court.

Major Battles and Events Edit

  • 4791: Esmeralda makes first contact with the Anhangabaú Free State
  • 4910: 'Battle of Tora'. Conflict between Anhangabaú & Esmeralda results in a stalemate.
  • 4951: Esmeraldan Empire declares war on Anhangabaú Free State
  • 4951: Esmeraldan-Anhangabaún War begins
  • 4956: 'Battle of Brindzan'. Brindzan colony is annexed by the Anhangabaú Free State.
  • 4971: 'Battle of Arrus' at Anhangabaú. Imperial Fleet defeats Anhangabaú Attack Force.
  • 4971: Anhangabaú Free State surrenders to Esmeralda following the Battle of Arrus
  • 4972: Anhangabaú Free State and surrounding colonies (Brindzan, Tora & D'jalnas) join the Esmeraldan Empire
  • 4972: Imperial Royal Court establishes the position of Emperor. Empire divided into Esmeraldan and Anhangabaún duchies.
  • 4975: D'jalnasian Institute founded by Prefect (Vice Admiral) Guillaume Bayeux