Isalon Empire

Location Madagascar
Founded 4652
Dissolved 5002
Capital Isalo
Government Empire
Head of State Emperor of Isalo
Head of Government Chancellor
Legislature Royal Court
Major Species Isalons, Humans
Military Isalon Army
Intelligence Service None
Population 160,000,000
Languages English
Currency Isalon Stone

The Isalon Empire, was the official state of the people of Isalo and the island of Madagascar. It was originally settled by metahuman survivors of the Advenan War, who came to be known as Isalons. It had centuries of prolonged conflict with the Pretorian Confederacy.

It was conquered the Pretorian Confederacy in 5002 following the Boar War and military assistance from the Esmeraldan Empire.

It was absorbed into the Empire in 5003 when the Pretorian Confederacy was migrated to the Pretorian Province by the Imperial Royal Court.