Location New Zealand
Nation Esmeraldan Empire
Province Berran Meritocracy
Established 3561
Incorporated 3573
Government Meritocracy
Leader General Manager of Natodren
Ruling House(s) House Wollixullax
Imperial Senate 3 Seats
Major Species Procyons
Population 99,000,000
Languages English
Culture Procyon (Majority)

Berran (Minority)

Currency Imperial Kilo

Natodren is a city-state of the Esmeraldan Empire located in what was once known as New Zealand. The city was established by Procyon survivors of the Advenan War. It is inhabited almost entirely by Procyons. It was part of the independent Nation of Natodren prior to the Berran War, when it was conquered and merged with the Berran State to form the Berran Meritocracy .

History Edit

The city was an independent state from 3561 - 5014.

It was conquered by the Esmeraldan Empire in 5014 following the Berran War. It was merged with the former Berran State to create the imperial province of the Berran Meritocracy.

The city is subterranean.