Location Niger
Nation Esmeraldan Empire
Province Datu
Established 4652
Incorporated 4998
Government Gerontocracy
Leader Raja of Socharen
Ruling House(s) Streuv
Imperial Senate 3 Seats
Major Species Socharen
Population 40,700,000
Languages English, Rattan, Boarish
Culture Datun (Majority)

Boar (Minority)

Currency Imperial Kilo

Socharen is a city-state of the Esmeraldan Empire. The city is part of the Datu province and located in what was once the nation of Niger. It is inhabited by the meta-human race known as Socharens. They were discovered by the neighbouring city of Uma Prime in 4652.

The city is located above the surface in the former republic of Niger. It became part of the Empire after the Uman Confederacy was absorbed following the Dagal Crisis.