Supreme Commander of Esmeraldan Imperial Legion
Incumbent Admiral Daniel Rowan
Oral Address Admiral
Residence Imperial Legion Command Center
Jurisdiction Military Department of the Esmeraldan Empire
Appointer The Emperor
First Holder Admiral Guillaume Bayeux
Title Established 4975

The Supreme Commander is the second most senior member of the Imperial Legion, after the Emperor. The Supreme Commander heads Imperial Legion Command, having primary responsibility for command, control, and administration of the forces, as well as military strategy, plans, and requirements.

The Supreme Commander reports directly to the Imperial Chancellor and holds a guaranteed seat in The Consilium.

Timeline of Supreme Commanders Edit

  • 4975-4998: Admiral Guillaume Bayeux
  • 5199-5207: Admiral Raymond Krizman
  • 5207-5226: General Brian Whitehead
  • 5226-5243: Admiral Risa Prenick
  • 5243-5246: Admiral Braden Hunt
  • 5246-5256: Admiral Robert Lefcourt
  • 5256-5266 : Admiral Brad Yacobian
  • 5266-present: Admiral Daniel Rowan