Uman Alliance

Location Northern Africa
Founded 4652
Dissolved 4998
Capital Uma Prime
Government Gerontocracy
Head of State Datun Council of Elders
(5 Persons)
Head of Government Taoiseach
Legislature Sheriff of Uma
Major Species Humans, Socharens
Military Uman Militia
Intelligence Service None
Population 80,000,000
Languages English, Socharen
Currency Uman Pound

The Uman Alliance, sometimes called the Uman Confederacy, was the official state of the people of Uma and it's surrounding colonies, founded around 4652 by survivors of the Advenan War. It was forced to join the Esmeraldan Empire following the Dagal Crisis and the subsequent military occupation. It was absorbed into the Empire as a new province known as Datu.

The major cities and colonies included: